Dicarlos pizza menu

Is this your restaurant? Click to add your description here. Add Photo. Ask for them to make the crust extra crispy! Great home made any thing! Great hand made pizzas. You definitely get what you pay for. And they have a cute little grandson to boot!! Never had a bad meal yet!! Has been recommended by several Friends,but they live far away and constantly want a visit as long as I bring DeCarlos with. Good company,good food and good beer - it don't get any better! Me being Italian am very picky about my pasta, but we were hungry and no where else to go and eat I read their story on the menu and decided I would try their pasta.

As soon as they put that bowl of pasta down and I smelled the sauce I knew I was going to love it. I took a bit and took me right back to eating my grandmother's sauce I have been served two sandwiches with rotten meat on two different occasions and also received a rotten salad one time that made me sick for two days.

Dicarlos Pizza & Pasta

The owners, when confronted, were not sorry and were reluctant to refund my money. Do not go to this place!! A really wonderful experience Always very good Love this place. Friendly, good service Good reasonable food First, try refreshing the page and clicking Current Location again.Take out only; nice place to eat along the Riverwalk behind the building if the weather co-operates.

A really unusual local Pizza, beloved by people here for decades. Square, cheese and pepperoni only. No options; that's what it is. Use a very specific tomato sauce, Ya gotta try it. DiCarlo's Pizza is simple and delicious. Great with extra cheese and pepperoni, and also good cold for breakfast. This pizza is the best!!! Haven't had it since when you were located in imperial pa! Need to make a road trip just found out the name and where you're located now!

dicarlos pizza menu

My parents grew up eating DiCarlo's pizza, and they made sure to always take us as kids whenever we visited the Ohio Valley. We used to always go to the Elm Grove location, but after they changed to Patsy's, we've found the best tasting nearby DiCarlo's to be this one in Downtown Wheeling. With crispy crust and the classic 2 pepperonis, I will never get enough of this square pizza. I can easily eat 3 pieces, so always order more than what you think you'll eat!

Plus, leftovers are never a bad idea! Also, don't forget your bag of cheese! The location in Weirton is also really great, but we don't usually make it out there. Best pizza we ever had! Cheese is always melted. By baking the pizza first, then adding ingredients afterwards, somehow it supposed to be the better way.

But, Not so fast Ordered a simple pepperoni. First of all, the crust is way too thick; and was quite gooey on the top. Next, the sauce reminds me of a chef boy at dee type sauce: Rich, dark, and overpowering. Bought a pizza for the host band playing Saturday night at the after party since there was no food offered at hosting club and the band was hungry.

Had a slice and I have to say it was delicious. Very quick turnaround on the orderIs this your restaurant? Click to add your description here. Add Photo. Always good food! We love to get food to go and have been extremely happy every time! I have been to every Mexican restaurant in Akron and this is hands down the best. Me and my Husband came here for dinner for the first time it was so These "peopl Great food good prices Amazing bakery.

Everyone makes you feel like family. We heard about this bakery in Alabama while taking to someone from Ohio First, try refreshing the page and clicking Current Location again. Make sure you click Allow or Grant Permissions if your browser asks for your location.

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Details Menu Reviews. DiCarlo's Original Pizza. See 1 Review. Select a Rating! View Menu. Phone: See Larger Map - Get Directions. Please contact the restaurant directly for updated info. Attire Casual Alcohol No Reservations. Share Your Experience! Have an updated menu?Sorry, we don't have hours for this restaurant yet. We'll be updating the hours for this restaurant soon. Is this your restaurant? Click to add your description here.

Add Photo. I think it's the sauce! But their pizza and pasta is the best I've ever had. Don't miss out if you get the chance. Wonderful family friendly atmosphere. And guess where folks coming back to visit their home town of Virden like to gather? Yes, Di Carlo's is the place! Dining room is closed at present due to the COVID virus, but you can call for curbside pickup of a limited menu.

I just did! I finally got to experience their food last night for the first time! Everything was fresh and tasted so good. It was completely different than anything I have ever experienced in my 56 years!! The pizza is great, but we also ordered The Lyndall - thick crust pizza with just cheese a mound of their special blend with their spaghetti marinara sauce for dipping. It was the best bread, the best cheese, and the best marinara I have ever had!

I can't wait to go again!!

dicarlos pizza menu

No flavor or Italian seasoning used on either. I have had much better? By far the best I've ever had. Great waitstaff and fair prices. Their salad bar rocks! Go early, usually a line on the weekends for a table.

Bar and Patio Now Open

Goof food, Fair prices Great food and the waitress do a wonderful job. Stop in and check it out Great food and atmosphere Good folks and food always great!! What did I receive? First, try refreshing the page and clicking Current Location again.

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Make sure you click Allow or Grant Permissions if your browser asks for your location. Details Menu Reviews.

DiCarlo's Pizza

Di Carlo's Pizza. See 11 Reviews. Select a Rating! View Menu. Phone: See Larger Map - Get Directions.Add toppings for an additional charge. Ranch dressing base, breaded chicken, provolone and your choice of Buffalo, sweet BBQ or Frank's red hot sauce. Choice of 3 veggie toppings. Ricotta, pepperoni, Italian ham.

Steak, mushroom, onion. Breaded chicken. Italian sausage. Provolone, 3 veggie toppings. Provolone, pepperoni, Italian ham, giardiniera. Provolone, steak, mushroom, onion.

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Italian sausage, banana peppers, marinara, provolone cheese. Pesto, baked Roma tomato, provolone cheese. Meatballs, marinara, provolone cheese.

Red onion, black olives, Romano, provolone cheese. House salad plush breaded boneless chicken. House, pepperoni, salami, provolone cheese, Italian ham, giardiniera, banana peppers. Fresh baked dough tossed in Romano and Italian seasonings.

Fresh baked dough, melted provolone, Italian seasonings. Baked dough, cinnamon sugar, frosting dip. Nutella, marshmallow, powdered sugar. Dad's old fashioned root beer, vanilla ice cream.


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Name of the correlation.The Skaftafell area is GORGEOUS if you are looking for amazing nature, just expect the hotel (there is only one.

It's worth the stay though, Svinasfelljokull glacier climbing was definitely one of the most fun things we did. An absolutely amazing trip with excitement at every stop we made. We loved every second and have fallen in love with Iceland. Thank you so much Nordic Visitor for the fantastic trip.

This was an excellent tour, the planning was unbelievable and the tour information excellent. We could not find any faults with the services from any those involved in making our tour such a great memory.

The only critisium is we should have planned a few extra days. This trip was everything I hoped for.

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I booked this trip - 5 new countries - as a celebration of my 50th birthday. Everything that Nordic Visitor and Jennie did was fantastic. I got sick on the first day but Jennie helped me with the missed tour and smoothed everything out. Our hotels were great and in great locations.

All of the instructions in the welcome package were spot on. Randy especially loved all the marked maps.

dicarlos pizza menu

Each city map looks very well-worn now because we carried them everywhere to plan our next move all day long. We are very active and were covering 12-15 miles on foot each day. The maps kept us on course and let us know where to head next.

When we stopped for dinner on the way home from the airport back in LA, I asked Randy what he would change about the trip and his answer was, "Nothing. Thank you soooooo much for making this trip the celebration I needed.

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